A results-driven company

If you’ve ever been disappointed by a Web development team, you can appreciate the importance of best practices.

Maybe the application didn’t work as well as you’d hoped or the Web site didn’t look or perform quite the way you’d planned. And maybe your provider failed to deliver on time or within your budget.

These are the unwelcome results that we take great care to avoid.

In every project, we pursue something we call the “optimal interactive experience.” Simply put, this means that your Web site or applications look and perform exactly as you envisioned them – or better.

How we arrive at this expected result, time and again, is owed to the proven processes we employ. While no two projects are alike, all of them are the product of a thorough methodology practiced by credentialed professionals who know what they’re doing, and who communicate throughout the process.

We don’t expect you to accept this assurance on its face. We invite you to explore our portfolio of results and contact our clients who can attest to our capabilities (and what it’s like to work with us).

If you’d like to know any more about our company – or discuss an interactive experience that you’d like to create – please contact us.

More on JKI

  • Hired directly by organization as well as by tech firms (as an outsource partner)
  • Web development with full content management capabilities
  • Custom application development, including e-commerce engines
  • Expertise in other areas of multi-media and interactive design and development
  • Depth of experience in health care, retail, non-profit