Endorsements from our clients

“Before, I was a prisoner to outside tech people. If they didn’t answer the phone for a week, I was in trouble. But Jay Kelly Interactive gave me the ability to control my own Web site, easily.”

Barbara Mahoney, Lucky ‘Lil Devil

“JKI listened to what we needed, then developed a ‘best answer,’ rather than selling us something they’d created for someone else. And they don’t do anything halfway — they’re extremely thorough.”

John Ahmann, Ahmann, Inc.

“There are only a handful of people I truly trust to work with my clients. Jay Kelly is one of them.”

Erik Wolf, Zero-G Creative

“It doesn’t matter if the project at hand is a simple interactive CD or a complex, e-commerce Web site or anything in between. Jay Kelly Interactive is our go-to partner when it’s got to be done right.”

Michael Baxter, Resonance Marketing

“There’s nothing — nothing — that’s confusing about the content management system Jay Kelly Interactive created. It’s easy and intuitive. And I don’t have to know anything about coding to use it.”

Keira Shufelt, Coyote Trading Co.