Process itself is a best practice

It’s a common refrain heard in the Web development industry: “What sets us apart is our process.”

Companies making that claim often serve up clever nomenclature and secret-sauce proprietary methods. But the truth is, nearly all Web development companies use the same process. They follow a path of inquiry, planning, development and testing.

So what’s unique about the process that we employ at Jay Kelly Interactive? For one, it’s written in plain English. For another, we actually follow it. Consistently.

Most important: Our development process reflects “best practices,” which we define as proven methods for ensuring that what we create will work the way it was envisioned to work. These best practices are reflected in the following steps and deliverables – none of which is ever skipped, no matter what project we’re
working on.

JKI Development Process

Phase I: Planning

At the end of this phase, you’ll receive a Project Specifications document. (In other words,
a plan.)

  • Identify project goals and specifications
  • Define how the application must function to meet the goals
  • Set timeline and budget
  • Clarify responsibilities and roles
  • Plan and/or begin gathering assets (copy, images, logos, audio / visual files)

Phase II: Content and Design

In this phase, we’re busy – and you are, too. Before going forward with Phase III, you’ll have a clear idea of how the site looks as well as functions.

  • Develop architecture and wireframes for application
  • Develop conceptual design and storyboards
  • Refine into composite images of selected screens (“comps”)
  • Create layout for screens
  • Continue gathering / creating content

Phase III: Development

At the end of this road, you’ll have a working release.

  • Develop application components
  • Test alpha version of the application (first look at working site)
  • Complete gathering / creation of assets
  • Content and asset population
  • Test beta version of site and make final modifications
  • Final review of release candidate

Phase IV: Launch!

  • Arrange and configure hosting (though we plan this well in advance)
  • Make application live

Phase V: After Launch

  • 90 days of technical support to get you acclimated to the new application
  • On-demand support available when you need it beyond the support period